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The eJob Dispatch System

Your Complete Job Dispatch System

Advantages of eJob Dispatch System

  • Your Headquarters always has an overview of the statuses of jobs assigned to workers in the remote field
  • Helps keep customers satisfied
  • With a built-in navigation field service workers do not get lost anymore
  • Increased efficiency -> saves time
  • Saves time by assigning jobs to field services workers efficiently (whoever is currently free may take on the job)
  • Easy navigation (Navigate To button), the application has a simple GUI -> it is easy to use, less time is therefore needed to train employees


  • Book and Despatch Jobs
  • Job Control and Status Messages
  • Multiple Job Despatch
  • Navigate To Job
  • Instant Messaging
  • Vehicle Tracking


The Job Dispatch System consists of these main components:
( Customers may source some components themselves... )
  • Booking and Dispatch Application
  • MySQL database server
  • MDT vehicle-mounted mobile device
  • eJob mobile client application
  • Sygic run-time license for map navigation
  • SIM card with activated data plan
  • IS Intermediate communications server to handle data and job information between desktop booking application and multiple windows CE clients

Minimum System Requirements

  • WinCE 6 type device with GPS and GPRS
  • For IS Intermediate Server - Windows Server with Fixed IP
  • For Desktop Application - Basic Windows Machine

Technical Support Options Available

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Remote Desktop
  • On Site Visits