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Want to add job despatch features to existing telematics solutions?

We would like to introduce our new innovative product eJob.Net Toolkit

We have developed a unique toolkit for developers and system integrators

What is it?

A complete Mobile workforce Development Solution, to add Job Despatch to existing logistics and telematics solutions

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The eJob.Net Toolkit

A Complete Development Toolkit SDK for WinCE Devices and .NET

Add Job Booking and Despatch to existing vehicle tracking systems and Job Management applications


  • Book and Despatch Jobs
  • Job Control and Status Messages
  • Multiple Job Despatch
  • Navigate To Job
  • Instant Messaging
  • Vehicle Tracking

System Architecture


The toolkit consists of 3 main components:
  • WinCE Client Application for processing Jobs and Vehicle Tracking
  • IS Intermediate communications server to handle data and job information between desktop booking application and multiple windows CE clients
  • Desktop Booking and Despatch Application in .NET

Description of Toolkit and Services Provided

A full service can be provided for rapid development of custom applications:
  • Full Source Code
  • Wince Devices
  • Custom Development and Support

System Requirements

  • For WinCE client - WinCE 6 type device with GPS and GPRS
  • For IS Intermediate Server - Windows Server with Fixed IP
  • For Desktop Application - Basic Windows Machine

Appendix A